Hello! My name is Matt Fry and I am a
who also dabbles in web development and design.
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So what does it mean to be both a writer and a thinker? Shouldn't all good writers also be good thinkers?

Excellent question; thanks for asking. Yes, good thoughts are essential for good writing. However, I use the term "thinker" to describe the more strategic, conceptual, big-picture aspects of myself. Mainly because it's shorter than "content strategist" and less pretentious than "entrepreneur".

But basically it means I can come up with brilliant headlines as well as great marketing ideas. To get a better idea of what I mean, check out some examples of my writing and thinking work.

I am currently employed at a strategic marketing and consulting firm in Dallas, TX called Reap Marketing, and I'm a co-founder of Foot Cardigan and Show & Arrow.

I designed and developed this website myself with the help of large chunks of code stolen from HTML5 Boilerplate, Happy Cog, and Second & Park. I greatly appreciate their help, even if they didn't know they were giving it.

Matt Fry

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